Bridge company shows uncompleted Ambassador Bridge project

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The president of the Detroit International Bridge Company had such bad luck in court last week he was tossed in jail, so Wednesday Dan Stamper reached out to the court of public opinion.

Stamper gave reporters a rare, close up look at two unfinished portions of the Gateway project. One is a section of a ramp that ends in midair.

Stamper says the bridge company completed all the work it was supposed to "the rest is MDOT's responsibility."

He also blames MDOT for truck traffic that continues to rumble down Fort Street, saying MDOT hasn't given the DIBC the necessary permit.

Responding to that accusation MDOT says the DIBC must first remove a huge concrete structure at the site or at least move back its supports.

Dan Stamper is concerned about public opinion but even more worried about his February date with the Court of Appeals. He's hoping those judges will keep him out of jail.

Stamper says, "I'm glad to be working and to be home with my family."

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