Teacher fired after using a broom to break up a fight speaks out after being offered job back

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Tiffani Eaton is grateful the Education Achievement Authority reinstated her as a teacher at Pershing High School - but she is standing her ground.

On April 30th, a fight broke out in her classroom at the high school.  When her walkie talkie  did not operate correctly, she used a broom to try to break up the brawl. 

The situation was recorded on a cell phone video.

“I wonder - if the video had never surfaced would they be offering me my job back?, asked Eaton. "The school board would have rather picked up the broom and swept it under the rug."

She and her attorney, Jeffrey Lance Abood, have been meeting with EAA to discuss terms in which Eaton would return to work.

“In this moment.  Right here and now.  I am not sure that I can simply accept my job back without certain assurances being made,” said Eaton.

In a press conference, the 30-year-old teacher also spoke about the minutes after the fight ended.

“In reflecting on what occurred, I go over each moment - what I could have done differently.  I ask myself where security was and I also recall the long and languishing moments I spent at headquarters just to find out I had been terminated,” said Eaton.

According to Abood they have been meeting with the EAA to discuss safety measures that are in place and what can be done in the future.

Eaton said she was never trained to handle situations like the fight that broke out and wants more security at the school.

 “What she wants to do is grasp the moment in this time where she believes she was put in this place for a reason and to create a change moving forward not only for herself - not only for her own job security but also the job security of the other teachers,” said Abood.

Eaton said eventually she would just like to get back to doing what she loves to do:  teach.

 “Some people dream of being rich and having great material things or power or accomplishment but my dream has always been to be a teacher,” said Eaton.

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