Call for Action team looks at broken city street lights

DETROIT (WXYZ) - At 60 years old, all alone and confined to a wheelchair, Don Hutch makes his way down  Brush Street in Detroit. 

In broad daylight Don feels safe, but once the sun goes down it's different story.

Now make no mistake-- Hutch, as his friends call him, doesn't scare easy.

He's a former Air Force sergeant, who served two years fighting for his country in Vietnam.

But, right here in Detroit at the intersection of Brush and Piquette Street, Hutch says he feels like a robbery victim on wheels.

Because in his neighborhood, Hutch says there are no working city street lights.

And it's not just this one veteran. 

Here at Piquette Square, a brand new, housing facility for homeless veterans, there are close to 150-Army, Marine, Navy and Air Force vets forced to live with the same problem.

Hutch has complained many times to the Detroit Lighting Department with no success, that's why he called the Call For Action Team for help.

We have contacted  Marie Brown with Detroit Public Lighting, and just a few days ago, I spoke with a representative for the mayor.

Both sides say that there are tens of thousands of street lights out all over the city.

Mayor Dave Bing has just proposed a $160 million plan to fix every street light in the city and create a Public Lighting Authority, but the Michigan State Senate will have to pass three separate bills in the legislature  to make this happen.

If you have a problem, call the Call For Action Team at 248-827-3362.

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