Cameras help detect trouble spots on roads

(WXYZ) - Detroiters woke up to blowing snow and slushy roads. For those not lucky enough to have their day's events canceled, they were forced to go outside and navigate the highways and byways.

At the Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center in Detroit, employees utilize 300 cameras zeroed in on area freeways to spot trouble spots.  On a day like today, the cameras are a vital piece of technology.

"During the storm we are monitoring real time situations out on the freeways so that we can respond and get the right resources out there to keep the freeways moving best we can." said Operations Manager Walter Ison.

Fender benders, spin outs and major crashes.  They see them all from this vantage point.  From this location, they can assist motorist without them even knowing.

"We work closely with state troopers, fire departments, police departments as well as emergency responders." said Ison.

You can stay up to date on the road conditions by following MDOT on twitter @MDOT_MetroDet or by visiting their website .



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