Canadian protesters to deliver 200 gallons of tap water to Detroiters today

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Protesters from Canada are heading across the border today to bring water to Detroiters who've had their water shutoff.

The event is being organized by the Council of Canadians and the Detroit People's Water Board.

They're planning for a convoy of about a dozen vehicles to bring more than 200 gallons of tap water into the city.

They will meet around 3:30 p.m. at the Spirit of Detroit statue. They will then deliver the jugs of water to St. Peter's Church.

Organizers say they will also submit thousands of petition signatures to Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones demanding an end to the water shutoffs.

They are also calling on President Obama to get involved in the shutoff fight by declaring a state of emergency.

On Monday, the federal judge presiding over Detroit's bankruptcy case ordered a 15-day hold on water shutoffs so delinquent customers could have time to learn about payment options.

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