Caregiver at adult foster care facility saves 20 people from fire

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Earlier tonight, a fire broke out at an adult foster care facility on Detroit's west side, and the lone caregiver is being credited with saving the lives of the 20 people inside the home.

Chief Five Gary Fisher was on scene, and said when they showed up the fire was fully involved, but they saw 20 people standing on the lawn. It started on the second floor, and the fire was contained to that floor.

Eugenia Denson was the caregiver, and she says when the fire alarm went off, she ran to get everyone out.

"I ran to the first floor and said 'everybody out' and checked the rooms, because I still had to go upstairs," Denson said.

Next, Denson says she ran upstairs, and yelled the same thing.

According to Denson, there was one resident left, and she ended up dragging her onto the floor, and dragging her outside.

"My only concern was to get everyone out of the home because I have 20 lives to save before I can save my own," Denson said.

According to the Chief, the fact that everyone was out made their job a lot easier.

"Eugenia is the real hero, she is the one who found the fire and got everyone out. It was incredible," Fisher said.

According to the fire department, the fire is under investigation and it didn't seem suspicious.

Nobody was hurt in the fire and residents will not be able to live in the house.

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