Kilpatricks end plea for help with sons' tuition

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Kwame and Carlita Kilpatrick's plea for donations to help pay their sons' tuition has ended after the family decided not to send their children to a private school.

"Our children were presented with an opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the country," the ex-mayor said in a statement today.

"The letter was sent to two individuals. We decided, as a family, that our children would not attend the school.  We called the 2 individuals and told them of our decision...No donations were needed at that point.  No donations were received," he said.

The former mayor told state officials about the plea last week, after he got in trouble for not reporting other cash gifts he had received. 

The solicitation itself doesn't break the rules for his parole, but Kilpatrick would have to report any money his family may receive.

Kilpatrick tweeted late Thursday:

Amazing how MI punishes by forcing u to stay in their State & it works. Despite the #detroitlove, I feel really punished here. #giveususfree


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