Carlita Kilpatrick plea for cash does not concern Dept. of Corrections, unless money was received

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's wife Carlita sent a letter soliciting donations to pay for their twin sons' school tuition, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) has confirmed.

MDOC spokesperson Russ Marlan says that, "The letter itself is nothing the MDOC plans to act on."

Marlan says the MDOC is only interested in money that the Kilpatrick household received and whether it was reported.

Kilpatrick owes about $850,000 in restitution payments as a result of his 2008 perjury conviction. Kilpatrick was ordered to pay $1 million in restitution to the City of Detroit. As part of his parole conditions, Kilpatrick must report all income to the MDOC, says Marlan.

Last week Kilpatrick was put on a GPS tether and was confined to his mother's home, after it came to light that he recently picked up a $2000 wire transfer at a local Warlmart. The MDOC is investigating whether Kilpatrick violated his parole in connection to the wire transfer, which came from a Chicago pastor.

The investigation into the possible parole violation is expected to conclude early next week, says Marlan.

Marlan also told 7 Action News that when Kilpatrick met with his parole officer last week over the wire transfer, he gave the parole officer a copy of the letter Carlita sent out seeking donations.

This morning Kilpatrick also sent a letter to 7 Action News and other media stating that he had turned over to the MDOC the letter that his wife Carlita sent out seeking help to pay for their sons' tuition.

Kilpatrick wrote, "In my efforts to fully cooperate with the MDOC investigation, I provided this letter along with an explanation of its substance. Our children were presented with an opportunity to attend one of the best schools in the country. The letter was sent to two (2) individuals. We decided, as a family, that our children would not attend the school. We called the 2 individuals and told them of our decision, to not have our boys attend the school. No donations were needed at that point. No donations were received. This explanation was also sent to the MDOC, as an attachment to the letter when it was voluntarily provided. Unfortunately, the explanation was apparently not released with this item from the MDOC "internal" investigation."

Kilpatrick also tweeted late Thursday: 

Amazing how MI punishes by forcing u to stay in their State & it works. Despite the #detroitlove, I feel really punished here. #giveususfree

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