Donated Detroit ambulances to be maintained

(WXYZ)-Detroit - It was shocking and disappointing. Twenty-three newly donated ambulance rigs were plagued with problems that kept them out of service.

Maintenance records obtained by Action News revealed a list of repair shop nightmares.  Minor things from headlights out, to much more serious problems, including complaints of exhaust fumes in the cabin and electrical issues.  Our questions got the attention of higher ups.

"We have changed management in our repair facility," said Detroit Fire Commissioner Jonathan Jackson.  "We are getting a faster turn around when vehicles are coming in for repairs and we are scheduling regular maintenance, something we struggled with in the past."

Sources confirm to Action News the repair turn-around time is improving and there is more accountability to ensure the repairs are being done correctly. 

Soon the department will have more help to respond to calls by adding new employees to the city payroll.

"This Friday, glad to say a class of 18 will be graduating new EMT's that will be hitting the streets soon." said Jackson.

The department is also in the process of buying 15 more ambulances.  They are expected to be in service sometime this summer.

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