Chaos on I-94 as three vehicles trade gunfire during evening rush

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Police describe it as chaos during rush hour as three different vehicles traded gunfire on I-94 Monday evening.

It was a bizarre chain of events that led to the shootout – all starting with a series of carjackings on Monday morning.

Investigators tell 7 Action News one of the carjacking victims was a man driving a Ford Explorer. Police were able to track down the Explorer and began following the driver of the SUV Monday evening.

As they tailed it on I-94 near West Grand River, something they never expected began to unfold.

The driver of a Chevy Caprice pulled up near officers, and next to the Caprice was another vehicle driven by a man who was yelling at the driver of the Caprice to pull over – claiming the driver of the Caprice had stolen his car.

A shootout then ensued.

Just by coincidence the driver of the Explorer – a 16-year-old who allegedly knows the driver of the Caprice, also started shooting at the man in the third car who was claiming to be a victim.

Officers were able to chase down the 16-year-old driver of the Explorer, but the men in the Caprice escaped.

One police source described the scene as something out of a movie. 

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