DPD Chief James Craig says Detroit and St. Clair Shores police sergeants facing charges in robbery

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Police Chief James Craig says two police sergeants have been arrested in connection with the robbery of two men that occurred on Sunday July 1.

The identity of the sergeants is not being released because they have not officially been charged. They are a 20-year veteran of the Detroit Police Department and a 17-year veteran of the St. Clair Shores Police Department, who has also done work for DPD.

Craig says the men were wearing plain clothes and their department issue badges when they stopped and approached two men at a gas station. During the altercation, Chief Craig says an undisclosed amount of money was taken from one man, while a cell phone and wallet was taken from the other.

Craig says that during the investigation, one of the officers participating in the case recognized one of the sergeants from a photograph of the incident. the case was then turned over to Internal Affairs.

Both sergeants were arrested on July 28. Chief Craig says the Detroit Police sergeant has been suspended and is still custody.

A warrant request has been issued to prosecutors office for review. It is not yet clear what charges the men would face.

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