Grenade found in Detroit backyard is brought to police precinct causing evacuations and road closure

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit police tell 7 Action News that a grenade was found in a resident's backyard. That resident then brought it to a police station and caused an evacuation  and road closure Friday afternoon.

The grenade was brought to the Eastern District Police Precinct in Detroit. Officers estimate it was between 60 and 80 years old, but could have still been dangerous.

Police, fire, HAZMAT, Homeland Security and the  bomb squad all responded to the station, located on Gratiot at Gunston. The building was evacuated and nearby roads were cleared of traffic.

The grenade was removed for detonation after about an hour.

Detroit police urge residents who find such explosives to leave them where they are. Call 911 to have crews come to you. Do not transport a potentially explosive device.

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