City crews tackle illegal dump sites in Detroit

(WXYZ) - Progress is being made against illegal dumping in the Motor City.

For years, an empty lot at the end of a dead end street in Southwest Detroit has been used as a dumping ground. 

Landscaping debris, tires, car parts and garbage has been left to rot.

Until today. 

A two man crew with Detroit's public works department arrived to start hauling it away.  It's what neighbors have long waited for.

"Thank God," said Kathy Ring. "I love those guys cleaning it up."

Since the beginning of July, the same scene has been playing out all across the city.

"We are picking up 12 tons a week and making over 3,000 stops every week." said department of public works supervisor Alonzo Thompson. "We can really see a difference in the way the city is looking now."

Since Detroit privatized trash pick up, crews are now available to focus on illegal dumping.  Property owners are being put on notice they can no longer neglect their properties.

And to the dumpers, people are now watching.

"You know better, don't do it, I'll be watching." said Ring.

To report offenders to the task force, call 313.235.4359 or send an email to


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