Clergy, union leaders and activists meet in Lansing to plan protest strategy if Governor signs bill

Detroit, MI (WXYZ) - A group made up of clergy, union leaders and activists gathered in Lansing to plan their strategy if Governor Snyder follows through on his promise to sign right-to-work legislation in Michigan.

"If Governor Snyder strokes his pen, we'll let our feet do the work." said the Rev. Charles E. Williams II, a civil rights leader and pastor of King Solomon Baptist Church in Detroit.

"We're going to protest from Tuesday all the way up until three years from now until he's out of office," said Williams. "We'll be at the automotive charity preview. We'll be at the auto show."

The Michigan House and Senate passed right-to-work bills last week. A final version could reach Governor Snyder's desk on Tuesday. He promised to sign the legislation. Williams is urging him not to do it.

"It (the legislation) gives people who are of the corporate interest an opportunity to bust unions and that's what we're going to see happening across the state of Michigan," Williams said.

Williams is also president of the Michigan chapter of the National Action Network.

Right-to-work laws are currently n place in 23 states. They make it illegal for unions to collect dues from nonunion workers or require union membership as a condition of employment.

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