Cop who posted photo of gun in her mouth declared fit to return to duty by city doctor

DETROIT (WXYZ) - She may have posted a disturbing picture of a gun in her mouth on Twitter, but now a psychologist for the City of Detroit has declared Angelica Robinson, a police officer, fit to return to duty-- gun and all.

On Friday, Robinson was expected to return to her position in Internal Affairs for the Detroit Police Department, but she did not. Her attorney says she's just not ready.

Some officers expressed concern about Robinson's clearance to return to work. One officer who wanted to remain anonymous told 7 Action News, "I'm sorry, but I don't want to work with anyone who stuck a gun in their mouth".

Robinson recently went public, claiming she had a sexual relationship with Chief Ralph Godbee. Her attorney says how it all ended left Robinson distraught and suicidal.

Dr. Rose Moten, a licensed psychologist, has not evaluated Robinson, but questions why the internal affairs officer was allowed to return to work.

"You have to question the stability of a person who will go to such extremes to post a picture like that", said Dr. Moten. "As a psychologist, we say any act of suicidal gesture should be taken seriously".

Chief Godbee, who has not commented on Robinson's allegations, has been placed on a paid 30-day suspension while the Mayor conducts an independent investigation.

Mayor Dave Bing says he will address the issue on Monday.

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