Two-alarm Detroit commercial building fire is out

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Crews say a two-alarm commercial building fire on Detroit's east side is now out as they work to make sure hot spots don't flare up again.

The fire broke out at J & G Pallets and Trucking Wednesday morning just before 4:00 a.m. It spread and at one point threatened occupied home behind the business. The fire burned so brightly because of the stacks and stacks of pallets on the property.

One of the co-owners, J.D Givhan tells 7 Action News, the company started 20 years ago with one pallet built in the back yard of a home. It's grown to occupy a building that's approximately 300 x 500 with dozens if not hundreds of pallets stacked around the property.

The company employs a mix of family and friends, about a dozen people in all. Mr. Givhan says he's given back to the community on multiple occasions, but at least one neighbor tells 7 Action News the fire could have been avoided.

"This is the second fire in four years and now they've moved all their pallets against our gate and it just went up!"

Kim Smith says her family has complained for years about the owners of J & G blocking the alley behind her home and storing pallets close to their fence. She's afraid that if the company rebuilds, there will be another fire and next time it could be worse.

The business is located on Beaufait and Sylvester near Gratiot and Mount Elliott.

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