Cristo Rey High School celebrates 100% of senior class obtaining college admission

DETROIT (WXYZ) - On Sunday 46 seniors will graduate from Cristo Rey High School in Detroit, and they will make history.

They are members of the first freshman class ever to start at the school, which opened in 2009.

"We'll be able to be proud of what we accomplished," said Osmara Zarate.

"It makes me want to do my best," said Marisa Shivers.

The two soon to be graduates are looking forward to college next fall, and they aren't alone in their plans for higher education.

"One hundred percent of the seniors are graduating and have been accepted into college,"  said school President  Mike Khoury.

Khoury says the accomplishment was made possible by several things. 

For one, students are told from the beginning that they are expected to prepare for college.  The school then holds them to high standards.  Plus, students learn discipline while taking part in the school's work study program.

Signs around the school read, Cristo Rey, "The School That Works."

It is something that can be taken literally, 

Students work jobs at sponsoring businesses.  Those businesses then fund their tuition.  Students say they make professional connections, learn more about what they want to do in their professional futures, and find motivation to do well in school.

"It proves why you need to be in class learning," said Shivers.

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