Bianca Jones' dad calls roommate instead of police when he claims carjackers drove off with toddler

DETROIT (WXYZ) - When D'Andre Lane claimed his two-year-old daughter Bianca Jones was taken by armed carjackers, his first call was not to police. Instead, Lane called one of his roommates who testified Tuesday that Lane seemed hysterical and unable to communicate during the call that lasted several minutes.

At Lane's preliminary examination that continued Tuesday afternoon, an undercover Detroit Police Officer also testified about what Lane told authorities during their five-hour interview with him.

On the police video that was played in court, Lane talked about disciplining Bianca the night before he reported she was kidnapped during a carjacking. Lane talked about "popping" Bianca on her "butt" with a stick he used to punish his children because she soiled her underwear.

Lane told police that after he disciplined Bianca she fell off of her bed and hit her head on the floor. He said he tried keeping the toddler awake by popping her with the stick when she would nod off. Lane said he eventually put Bianca to bed around 3:30 that morning. Hours later, Lane says his daughter was "still kind of out of it".

Prosecutors believe Lane killed two-year-old Bianca and hid her body then claimed she was taken during a carjacking to cover it up.

Bianca Jones has not been seen since.

Lane's attorney, Terry Johnson, argued that cops continued to interview Lane after he repeatedly said he didn't want to talk to them anymore.

One of the police officers involved in Lane's interview said he never asked for a lawyer.

Lane's preliminary examination continues later this week.

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