Murder trial for D'Andre Lane continues

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The trial continued Thursday for the man accused of murdering his  2-year-old daughter.

Sitting attentively in 36 th District Court, D'Andre Lane, jurors, and others saw the final parts of Lane's video interview with an investigator.

The officer went over a scenario of what could have happened to little Bianca Jones in the hours before she vanished.

It was suggested maybe Lane disciplined the 2-year-old too harshly, ending in her death.  Jones did not agree with that scenario.

The investigator also suggested Lane was mentally and spiritually battling two things:  What were people going to think of him versus the right thing to do.

At one point in the video, Lane can be seen hunched over and sobbing.

Lane never admitted to any wrong doing, but he told the officer he just wanted to make t-shirts and posters, implying he wanted to continue the search for the toddler.

"Being with my child is the most important thing to me right now," Lane said during the interrogation.

In December, Lane told police he was carjacked and the suspect took off with his daughter, Bianca Jones, in the car.

During the video interrogation, police questioned him about the 30 to 35 minute gap between when the incident happened and when Lane called police.

He told the investigator a lot of things were going through his mind and that he yelled for help in the moments after the carjacking.

Thursday afternoon, one of the crime scene investigators took the stand describing what they found in the Grand Marquis allegedly involved in the carjacking, which included a blanket and a child protective seat.

The trial resumes Monday, October 1.

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