Dangerous situation near school after home is demolished

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Doris Lately was more than happy to see a crew show up and demolish one of several abandoned homes in her neighborhood. 

She wasn't so happy when they left a hole in the ground where the basement once was.

"It's a huge hole. Full of mud, water, pipes, bottles, glass and bricks," said Lately. "Everything to hurt yourself."

Making things worse, Noble School sits across the street.

We went to City Hall to try and find out who was responsible for the dangerous mess. The city? The state?  Contractors?

A spokesperson for Mayor Duggan's office tells us they are still looking into who is responsible. 

Late in the afternoon, a contractor came by the location and secured it. The spokesperson says it will be filled within 24 hours. 

We will make sure it is.

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