Darren McCarty and wife Sheryl obtain personal protection order against former friends

(WXYZ) - Off the ice drama is unfolding for Retired Red Wings star Darren McCarty and his wife, Sheryl.

The newly married McCartys have obtained personal protection orders against four of Darren's former friends including two women he once dated.

In court documents, the McCartys accuse the four of threatening their safety.

In the typed petitions for the protection orders, Darren and Sheryl McCarty write that "Tonya Juhl threatens Darren McCarty, makes false accusations, tried to get him fired and arrested, tried to have him assaulted and on several occasions threatened him. She texts, calls, and harasses and threatens to have him killed."

The former Red Wings also addressed the situation in a Letter to the Editor of the C and G Newspapers publication Royal Oak Review. The letter does not appear online.

In his letter to the editor, McCarty does not identify anyone by name, but he writes he had "a brief sexual relationship with this woman over 2 years ago."

He also writes, "My wife and myself have been continually stalked, harassed and threatened by this woman and a group of her friends since 2010."

He writes in his letter to the editor,  "We have remained quiet regarding this matter until now as we had hoped it would all just go away." He continues, "I am serious and adamant about protecting my wife, my children, and myself against this obsessed woman and group of people."

Darren McCarty once dated Juhl, who is now friends with another woman from McCarty's past who is accused of harassing the newlyweds.

Jeffrey Lance Abood is Juhl's attorney and he claims it is actually his client who is being harassed by the McCartys. Abood hopes to have the personal protection order terminated during a hearing set for June 20.

The McCartys also have a personal protection order against 23-year-old Anne Marie Samulski of Royal Oak.

According to McCarty, he and Samulski also had an intimate relationship. McCarty claims Samulski and Juhl show up at his public appearances to harass him. Samulski is also accused of threatening Darren's wife, Sheryl.

An attorney for Samulski says she denies the allegations and wants her good name cleared.

The two others named in personal protection orders, Kimberley Mitchell of Clawson and Louis Barbato of Shelby Township, could not be reached for comment.

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