Detroit 300 on manhunt for baby's killer

(WXYZ) - The well-known crime-fighting group Detroit 300 is on a hunt for justice.

Members are outraged over the death of 9-month-old Delric Miller . He was killed Monday morning when someone unloaded 37 shots from AK-47 into the home where Delric was sleeping on a couch.

"Our message to the gang-bangers and anybody else that's engaged in a lifestyle that puts babies like this and our seniors in jeopardy of their lives, we're telling you there is no coming together with you, period. There is no uniting with you. Let it be known from this day forward, you are our enemy, period", said Detroit 300 President and Founder Raphael B. Johnson during a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

Detroit 300 isn't just going after his killers, they're demanding justice for all of the children that have been victims of senseless crime. They say they're looking to track down these "child killers".

In the immediate future, members will be hitting the streets, knocking on doors and talking to people in high-crime areas, hoping to dig up leads in the cases.

They are also urging anyone who refuses to contact police but has a tip that might lead to the arrest of anyone involved in any of the murders to call the Detroit 300 tipline at (313)826-8662.

Johnson is also encouraging anyone interested in joining the mission of Detroit 300 to attend a swearing-in event at The Northwest Activity Center, 18100 Meyers Rd., Thursday, February 23, at 7:30 p.m.

"There should be no man sitting down when you got babies that are nine-months-old, and one-year-old, and three-years-old, and five-years-old being killed by little punks running around with guns. No man should be sitting down, period, in the City of Detroit", said Johnson.

For more information on The Detroit 300, go to THEDETROIT300.ORG .

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