Detroit 300 Volunteer, father of six, gunned down while working security


As a volunteer for Detroit 300 he spent countless hours tracking down rapists and murderers, finding justice for crime victims.

But this morning Marcel Jackson – father of 6 kids – was shot killed in the city he loved to protect.

Marcel was killed outside of a club on the 400-block of Congress near downtown Detroit early Wednesday morning. The 39-year-old was running security for the club – Marcel owned his own security services business. At some point in the night a fight broke out inside. A man was accused of hitting a woman.

Marcel stepped in and kicked out the guy involved. Witnesses say that same guy came back to the club several hours later and shot Marcel.

He was taken to the hospital but did not survive.

The suspect or suspects remain at large.

Jackson's family is in need of help after Marcel's murder.  Detroit 300 has two hotlines set up to help the family.



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