Detroit arson investigators struggle to keep up with dozens of suspicious fires

Detroit (WXYZ) - People who live on Cope Street on Detroit's eastside are being forced to cope with fear. 

Firefighters responded to the street this morning to put out 2 fires. 

The cause of the fires officially is unknown. Detroit Arson Investigators have yet to get to the scene on Cope Street, as they have more fires to investigate than they can cope with.

Since yesterday there have been at least two dozen suspicious fires, and there is only one arson crew trying to look into them all. 

Neighbor say they don't need investigators to tell them what caused it.

"Young guy was in there," said Anthony Nichols, who lives on the block. "He came out and said, 'Can you call 911? Someone threw something on the porch.' I called 911."

Fortunately no one was seriously hurt as the fire spread from one house to the house next door.

Nichols says there are gangs in the neighborhood, and they are firebombing houses as they fight a  war for territory. He says even innocent residents are in danger.  Sometimes the gangs hit the wrong home. His home wasn't hit last night, but has been before.

"By the grace of God they didn't  accomplish burning mine down," said Nichols.

Arson investigators say no one is in custody for the fire.  There is no word on when investigators will be able to get out to the scene.

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