Detroit arson investigators work to determine what started a fire that damaged 4 homes

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit arson investigators are working to determine what started a fire that damaged or destroyed four homes on the city's west side.

Crews put out flames at a house on Allendale near the Jeffries Freeway service drive Friday morning. Neighbors claim they heard arguing earlier in the night coming from the home.

They believe a couple was fighting, and one of the people threw an accelerant on the home. The fire destroyed a neighboring abandoned building and severely damaged an adjacent occupied house.

It also damaged a home that was two lots away. The couple living in the home where the fire started say it’s unlikely anyone intentionally set the fire since they moved out two weeks ago. 

Angie Morse and Demetris Holder said their power and gas were cut off, forcing them to move out of the house and abandon their belongings.

They told Action News they’re the only ones with the key.

Arson investigators are now looking into the cause.

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