Detroit artist Scott Hocking sees beautiful when many others see blight

DETROIT (wxyz) - Norman Rockwell is credited with saying “One man's trash is another man's treasure." 

It is certainly a proverb that applies to Detroit artist Scott Hocking. 

When he was younger he didn't have a car and had to walk to school at the College for Creative Studies. During his walks, he started notice what people had discarded, thrown out, considered trash.  However, what many people saw as blight, he saw as beautiful.

Hocking says, "I see what the possibilities are in things.  I love watching nature take back and change what we throw out."

Hocking's work is nothing short of amazing when you consider the raw materials he works with. He finds everything he needs out in the open.  He shows us all what can be.  He is a visionary. 

Scott is a site-specific installation artist and photographer. He has traveled world showing his unique abilities but he chooses to stay in Detroit, living in a building near East Grad Blvd and Oakland in Detroit City Council District 5. 

Scott grew up in Redford and has lived in the same building the last 13 years.

He knows Detroit as well an anyone I have met and promotes our City when he can.

"The way the world is now I can do my art here.  I don't have to live in New York, LA or Berlin.  I can make Detroit my homebase," says Hocking.  The thirty-nine year-old says you don't need and artist eye to see what is happening in what is historically known as the Northend. "In the last 13 years I have seen change and it is positve!"  

There is no doubt Hocking's work is helping make that change happen.

You can see Hocking's art transformations at the Susan Hillberry Gallery in Ferndale.  Hocking has also been asked to show his "Detroit surroundings" at a big show in France next year.

To view his work go to

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