Detroit cab driver talks to 7 Action News about murder, crime and faith

DETROIT (WXYZ) - "It's evil to stick people up, but that's the norm," says Pastor Darwin Pollard who is a veteran cab driver in Detroit.

Pollard says he was shocked to hear that a second cab driver had been killed in the city in less than a month, and he describes criminals as men who are often young and strung out on fast money, drugs and violence.

"We got to show them something different", says Pollard. "Grab them and tell them to get a job".

Pollard says he's not scared and leaves his fate in God's hands. But the pastor from The Bible Way Apostolic Church on Detroit's east side says there are times when he won't let someone in his cab.

"I just get a feeling and then once I get that feeling I just pull off", says Pollard..

Detroit Police suggest the following to cab drivers:

  • When dropping someone off, be alert to people standing around that may be involved in a set-up
  • Be careful if passenger appears nervous and wants to sit directly behind driver
  • Watch for people who appear over-dressed for the weather
  • Know the routes and don't get into arguments with passengers
  • Don't take vague destinations
  • If tired and looking to pull over, go to a police parking lot
  • Be careful picking up people who appear to be coming out of vacant buildings
  • Call base if someone wants to change their destination in the middle of a route
  • Don't flash a lot of cash

Detroit Police Community Services offers "Taxi Cab Safety & Security", a safety training session, to cab companies and their drivers. For information call (313)224-3801.

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