Detroit City Council meets for first time in 2013, talks city budget

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Mayor Bing and members of his administration went before Detroit City Council Tuesday to address the city's budget. Detroit is facing a cash crisis and trying to prevent a state takeover.

While meeting with Council, Mayor Bing introduced a proposal to immediately remove Krystal Crittendon as Corporation Counsel. Crittendon is the attorney who raised objections to the consent agreement between the city and the state. 

Council member JoAnn Watson called the move "outrageous."

However, council later passed the measure by a 6-3 vote. A two-thirds majority of city council was needed to remove Crittendon.

This is the Detroit City Council's first time meeting in 2013 and there is a lot on the agenda. The meeting continued past Mayor Bing's appearance.

Mayor Dave Bing and city council are working toward meeting benchmarks set by the state in the financial stability agreement in an effort to prevent a state takeover.

Mayor Bing is looking to layoff 500 city employees and implement additional furlough days. City council is proposing steeper pay cuts for city workers.

The city is facing a $90 million budget shortfall.

During Tuesday's meeting, the city council also approved a contact with a company to assist in managing the city's retiree healthcare and pension issues, a contract to assist with a variety of investment banking activities, a contract to provide operational restructuring services and a contract to provide financial restructuring services.

However, a number of other measures still remain on council's table. 

They still have to consider a measure that will apply furloughs, healthcare cost sharing and pension credit suspension measures that are bargained with union employees to non union employees.

Another resolution to improve the city's purchasing is also under consideration.

Those measures among others are expected to be brought before the council in the next few days.

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