Detroit City Council weighing in on Belle Isle plan

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit City Council is meeting today to discuss the proposed plan for Belle Isle.

Earlier this month, Mayor Dave Bing and Governor Rick Snyder reached a tentative deal that would give the state control of the park in a 30-year lease.

State officials are defending the lease, but council is throwing out a lot of questions. Some council members want changes to the wording of the deal.

If that deal moves forward -- drivers will have to buy a $10 annual state park pass to get on the island. People would still be able to bike and walk onto the island free of charge.

Concilwoman Saunteel Jenkins asked for specific wording that would allow the city to possibly gain control after 30 years.

Council President Charles Pugh thought a 30 year lease was too long.  He would like the terms to be shortened to 10 years.

Jenkins mentioned the possibility of incorporating language that would require more officers on the island.

Councilman James Tate voiced his frustrations about the celebration the governor and mayor had over the proposed lease before city council had a chance to read the terms.

The state maintains under its control, the park would be refurbished to state park standards.

The state would like the deal finished by October 10 which marks the end of its fiscal year. 

Pugh says council members are being labeled as the bad guys because they are not agreeing on the lease right away. But, he says, the council wants to make sure the deal is done right.

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