Detroit considering extra precautions ahead of Angels' Night 2012

DETROIT(WXYZ) - Today the City of Detroit will hold a news conference to announce efforts surrounding this year's Angels' Night campaign.

The annual Angels' Night campaign runs from October 29 through October 31.

Detroit City Council is considering a ban on dispensing fuel into portable containers in the 3 days leading up to Angels' Night 2012.

The measure is in order to prevent fires that could possibly be set to the more than 30,000 vacant buildings in the city.

Volunteers are also being recruited to keep an eye on the city during the three nights. Last Saturday, some city of Detroit officials and community members walked door-to-door to encourage volunteers to watch over their neighborhoods during the campaign.

Major sponsors of Angels' Night include Comerica Bank and White Castle.

If you're interested in volunteering for Angels Night 2012, you can find more information on the city of Detroit website .



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