Detroit fire house being repaired after getting hit by scrappers

(WXYZ) Detroit - A Detroit fire station sitting empty for months is getting repaired.  But, getting it operational won't be cheap. 

When the City of Detroit closed fire stations, the windows were boarded up and the doors locked, but it wasn't enough to keep the scrappers out. 

At Ladder 19 on Detroit's east side, the thieves took pretty much everything.  Now, the place is getting an overhaul. Most likely, at the expense of taxpayers. 

The closures across the city was supposed to save money.  But, the empty buildings became easy targets for thieves. Last summer, we showed you the damage at Ladder 19.  When the firefighters moved out, scrappers moved in, nearly gutting the place.  Pipes were ripped out and the contents stolen, including the mattresses. 

Now, there are plans to rehab the scrapped out fire house.  Repair crews are back, replacing what the crooks took. 

People who live in the area feel much better having the fire station reopened.  Repairs are expected to take a few more weeks. 

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