Detroit firefighter refuses medical treat after falling through floor while battling house fire

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A Detroit firefighter had a close encounter with injury early Tuesday morning while battling a house fire on the city's east side.

Firefighter Scott Kasinec fell through the main floor of the house on the 11,000 block of Maiden near Gunson. Miraculously he landed on his feet and only lost his helmet.

Kasinec refused medical treatment at the scene. He told 7 Action News that he was still being billed for a previous work-related injury that he belived the city should pay for.

Later in the morning the mayor's office told 7 Action News that the $800 medical bill had been paid and that Kasinec may have being billed in error.

7 Action News is told the residents moved out just yesterday to a home across the street.

It's too early to determine a cause but arson investigators are on the scene.

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