Detroit firefighters get help from their brothers and sisters from across the country

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Firefighters from across the nation are coming together to help the men and women of DFD.

Last January someone stole some saws off a Detroit fire truck.  With no money in the budget to replace the equipment, Detroit Firefighter Jeremy Mullins reached out to the National Firefighters Endowment organization for help.

"We we able to get them a brand new rescue saw, a chain saw and some medical equipment for the guys," said President Shane Parkins.  "We wanted to do more, so we launched the Detroit Mutual Aid project."

Thru the sale of t-shirts, the organization was able to secure more than $150,000 worth of equipment for the Detroit Fire Department. 

This weekend, people involved with the project came from across the U.S. to deliver the donations.  The Detroit Bus company helped out by loaning the use of a bus to shuffle the volunteers from engine house to engine house to drop off the much needed equipment.

Nathan Crooks came from Minnesota. 

"It's very humbling," said Crooks.  "They are out here fighting with gear that shouldn't even be in service anymore, risking their lives for people.  Seems like the gear I have back at my station is the best gear in the world"

"We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support," said Detroit Firefighter Jeremy Mullins. "We are now going to be able to do our job better, do it faster and more efficient.  It's a wonderful thing."

You can help support the effort by purchasing a t-shirt.

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