Detroit holding water fair to help customers get current with their bills at Cobo on Saturday

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Hundreds of people showed a lot of patience as they waited in a long line inside Cobo Center at the Detroit Water Fair, Saturday before a moratorium on city water shut offs ends.

Some residents came to pay their bills in full but, according to the city, it was crucial for those at risk of losing their water service to show up at Saturday’s fair.

“We are so excited to see so many people out here to get on top of their water bills,” said Mayor Duggan’s Chief of Staff, Alexis Wiley.

The Detroit water fund recently received  $1.7 million to assist low income Detroiters to help pay their water bills.

The help would go to those who have an income below 150% of the poverty line.
Several residents at the fair were confused, thinking anyone qualified for a discount on their bills.

Residents were asked to bring at least 10% of their bill to the fair and while many did not,
the city says they have been working out deals to make sure they still have their service… but must pay the percentage within 14 days.

“We really are working with every single person who is coming in because we don’t want to shut anyone’s water off.  We want everybody to have an opportunity to get on top of their bill and get assistance,” said Wiley.   “If you need assistance, we’ve got it available.”

For those who could not make out Saturday, they visit any of the three service centers in Detroit.

They have until the moratorium ends Monday evening.

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