"Detroit Homecoming" reaches out to big Detroit names to return home

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Some of the biggest names in business, sports and entertainment received a special invitation today for the "Detroit Homecoming" - an event aimed at bringing former Detroiters home to help rebuild the Motor City.

It started with an idea from Jim Hayes, a retired publisher of Fortune Magazine. "He said you know with the bankruptcy and everything that’s going on why don’t we get all these people who are from Detroit originally who are successful in other places to come back and see what’s really going on and they might reconnect in some way.”

Ed Fernandez, VP and General Manager WXYZ & WMYD, says the "Detroit Homecoming" has a similar goal of our Detroit 2020 initiative, making Detroit a better place by the year 2020.

With so much momentum in the city the event hopes to draw in these people making a difference around the world to bring positive change back to Detroit.



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