Detroit homeowner shoots, kills teen intruder, injures another during break-in

A 47-year-old Detroit homeowner opened fire on two teen intruders, killing one early Wednesday morning.

Detroit Police say the suspects are one male and one female, both 19 years old.

"[The] forty-seven-year-old homeowner fired shots with a rifle,” said Sergeant Michael Wood of DPD.  

The break-in happened around 4:45 Wednesday morning. The male suspect died as a result of his injuries. The woman was said to be in critical condition after taking a bullet in the leg.

It’s a story that has been repeated several times in Detroit in recent memory; homeowners standing their ground when standing face to face with an intruder. Only this time it appears the homeowner may have known at least one of the intruders.

"He knows that one young lady, but the guy, I don't know whether he knew him. I don't think so," said Ms. Morrissette, the homeowner's mom.

Ms. Morrissette couldn't say how her son may have known the suspected intruders; only that he did. It doesn't sound like they were friends.

“He's been hiding from these people. Last week he stayed over at my house all week.”

In the meantime, Detroit police continue to investigate. For now they are giving the homeowner the benefit of doubt.

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