Detroit investigating reports of bed bugs on DDOT buses

DETROIT (WXYZ) - They can be an unwelcome guest in your bedroom and now, they could be sharing your bus seat. DDOT is looking closely into a claim of bed bugs on a city bus.

"Them things is pitiful," says one passenger. He adds "I've had them before and they ain't no joke."

It's also no joke to the head of the Union for drivers. Fred Westbrook says the popped up in 2012 and "it could be a real problem if they have to take coaches out of service to fumigate them, it takes 3-4 days before they can go back in service."

During a recent city council meeting a citizen spoke up about seeing the bugs.

Today, DDOT Director Dan Dirks told us, "At a bare minimum, we have an extermination company that comes in every 90 days." He added that "It can happen when you service a million people a month."

The city is planning to do continuous inspections to make sure bed bugs are dealt with. In the meantime, if you see any, just record the bus number and inform DDOT.

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