Detroit man rescued by neighbors after porch collapsed on top of him

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A 52-year-old Detroit man was reportedly trying to grab scrap metal from a house on Detroit's west side when suddenly the roof of the porch collapsed on top of him.

Five neighborhood guys are being called heroes after coming to his rescue.

Supreem Shabazz, his brother and three other men helped save the man's life.

One man telling Action News, "It's just a scary sight for me to see someone that close to death."

"That man was going to die if we didn't get that weight off of him in a certain amount of time," said Shabazz.

"I'm pretty sure his neck is going to be broke, along with his back, and a few other things. He may never walk again," one of the men says.

Four men were able to lift the roof of the porch while the fifth man pulled him out.

The man was rushed to Henry Ford Hospital and he's listed in temporary serious condition.

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