Detroit Mayor Dave Bing blasts Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Mayor Dave bing is blasting Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr after 7 months of working together running Detroit. 

"I don't think he gave us an olive branch. We gave him one," says Bing.

The mayor says Orr has cut 11 of the Mayor's 25 management team, and has not improved city services including public safety, police, fire, EMS, bus service and public lighting. 

Mayor Bing says the multi-million dollar consultants brought in to restructure the city are not worth the money they are being paid. 

"Tell me where the results are. Yes, it's a waste." 

The mayor's comments first came in a deposition he gave in Detroit's bankruptcy case but the mayor repeated them this morning to reporters at a public event. The mayor says this is not personal. 

7 Action News has contacted the spokesman for the Emergency Manager and we're waiting for a reply. 

The mayor also said he supports the city going through bankruptcy to get rid of $18 billion in debt and while it will be painful it is necessary for the future of the city. 

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