Detroit Mayor Dave Bing reacts to Governor Snyder's declaration of a financial emergency

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has released the following statement is response to Governor Rick Snyder's announcement that Detroit is in a financial emergency and that he will be appointing an Emergency Financial Manager.


The statement reads as follows:

The Governor has made his decision, and it was his decision alone to make. While I respect it, I have said all along that I do not favor an Emergency Manager for the City of Detroit. I will look at the impact of the Governor's decision as well as other options, to determine my next course of action.

There needs to be additional conversation with Lansing regarding their plan to move the City forward. We have always said that we need help from Lansing to implement our initiatives such as public safety, transportation, lighting and others. If, in fact, the appointment of an Emergency Financial Manager both stabilizes the City fiscally and  supports our restructuring initiatives which improve the quality of life for our citizens, then I think there is a way for us to work together.

I firmly believe that Detroit's best days lie ahead, and my sole focus has been and will continue to be working to bring about the great Detroit that we all know can be achieved.

The may has also released a video statement about the decision. You  can watch that in the video player below.

Members of Detroit City Council are also reacting to the Governor's announcement . They are still weighing what they will be doing next.

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