Detroit Mayor Dave Bing says more furlough days for city workers

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announced that city worker will face more furlough days in response to a projected $30 million shortfall.

Bing said the new furlough days will begin January 1.

The announcement came Wednesday at 2 p.m., just a day after Detroit City Council voted to stop Miller Canfield from advising the mayor on the city's financial situation.

Council's move delays state funding that would have come as the next step in the Milestone Agreement with the state of Michigan.

"I wish I knew what was going on on the thirteenth floor," the mayor said in reference to City Council's actions that have delayed state payments.

The city's top attorney Crystal Crittenton along with City Council believe it is a conflict of interest for Miller Canfield to advise the mayor, since the firm drafted the Milestone Agreement and contributed to the Financial Stability Agreement.

"I'm not going to be dictated by council or anyone else who will represent me," said Bing Wednesday.

The Bing administration also says there will be no payless paydays and no missed debt payments. Instead furloughs of city workers will be used to blunt the city's financial crisis.

"Bankruptcy is not an option," said Bing. "We are not dealing with bankruptcy whatsoever."

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