Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announces plan to restructure DPD and fight crime

Detroit (WXYZ) - During a press conference held Wednesday morning, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announced his plan to fight crime in the city.

The mayor and interim police chief Chester Logan announced a reorganization plan for the Detroit Police Department.

As of March 4th, those assigned to the gang squad and mobile tactical unit will be reassigned to patrols and investigations.

"We have to make sure all of our resources are properly utilized," said Logan.

When DPD is finished with its restructuring plan, 80% will be on patrols, 15% in an investigative capacity and no more than 5% doing administrative work.

As it stands now, they have 68% on patrols, 17% in investigations and the rest of the DPD staff in an administrative role.

Earlier this month the mayor promised to come up with a plan to address the crime rate.  When 2012 crime statistics were compiled, it was found that 2012 was the deadliest year in the city in almost two decades.

Mayor Dave Bing also announced that funds have been reallocated and there is now money to conduct a search for a new police chief. However, with 11 months left in this mayoral term, Bing says he thinks it will be difficult to find someone in that time. He adds that he believes the next mayor should have a role in deciding who that will be.

When asked if Bing will run again for mayor of Detroit, he said "I'm here to talk about the police."

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