Detroit police and fire remember 9/11

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It was 12 years ago, but the day has not faded one bit in the minds of firefighters, police officers, and everyone in Campus Martius who gathered to remember the tragedy of 9/11.

Mayor Dave Bing, Fire Commissioner Donald Austin, and Assistant Police Chief James White were among many who honored those who lost their lives in the terror attacks as well as the first responders who bravely went to help.

"You know I remember it very well I was private citizen in an airport when I saw the plane fly into the building," said Mayor Bing.  "Just couldn't believe it and to see so many of our first responders get killed… running to danger instead of running away from it."

Many old enough to remember that day knew exactly where they were the tragic day those jets hit the Twin Towers.

Commander Steve Dolunt told 7 Action News it is engrained in his mind.

"It was my birthday," said Commander Dolunt.  "So it was a bittersweet birthday.  I woke up and watched TV and I was devastated by what I saw-- so unfortunately, every year I remember that."

As the years go by,  those attending Wednesday's event hope future generations can appreciate what law enforcement, firefighters, and the military go through to protect others.

"I realize there are people now that are teenagers, that had no clue it ever happened," said Commander Dount. "Young kids, that don't remember anything… it is far away but it's still close.  That's why it's hard."

"I'm hopeful that this will be a continuum for as long as I live and even beyond that because once again, there were so many innocent people who lost their lives… people didn't know what hit them," said Mayor Bing.  "This has drawn us together as a nation."

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