Suspect in attempted abduction of 16-year-old girl will face a judge on Monday

DETROIT (WXYZ) - A man suspected of attempting to abduct a teenage girl walking on her way to school will face a judge in court on Monday.

The suspect was taken into custody and arrested Friday night. Police say that he had been under surveillance for at least a day prior to his arrest.

The victim, who we are only identifying as Symphony, and her family spoke with 7 Action News on Friday.

She says the man attacked her near an abandoned house in the area of Outer Drive and Chandler Park on Detroit's east side.

Symphony says the man jumped out from the side of his van and threw her into the snow. After that, she says, he started to choke her and drag her towards his van.

Symphony says that's when she was able to reach her mace and spray the attacker.

A man driving by was able to intervene and stop the  assault. Several other people also stopped to help.

The attacker then ran off. No other details about his arrest have been released.

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