Detroit Police Chief apologizes for slow response to grocery robbery

(WXYZ) - Detroit Police Chief James Craig says he's outraged over his department's slow response to a recent robbery at Lafayette Foods.

During the robbery, someone drove through the front of the building with a truck, and stole drugs from a pharmacy safe.

Wine bottles were smashed all over the floor of the store.

"This is not a bad area, for someone to just drive a car into a grocery store" says on customer. Another telling us "Oh my, it's just sad, that's what is is sad."

It gets worse. After the 3 minute robbery, we've learned police put the call on hold for 40 minutes.

"It was too long, any crime in progress constitutes a Priority 1" says Chief Craig. He adds, "We're taking a more exhaustive look to see if we had response units tied up, were there supervisors who could have responded and stopped the clock."

Response times in the city are serious business and the Chief and his staff are working hard to improve the numbers. He tells us average response is not down to 10 minutes. In the meantime, he'll work to investigate exactly what went wrong to prevent it from happening again.

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