Detroit Police Chief James Craig remains defiant despite death threat

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The death threat on Detroit Police Chief James Craig has created a sense of urgency. The FBI and the Michigan State Police are now involved in the investigation, but Chief Craig remains defiant, saying threats like this will not change the way he fights crime.

"When you threaten a police chief, you're threatening every member of the Detroit Police Department," Craig said.

The chief says the threat was made on social media. He wouldn't specify a site, but says the threat included a photo of a handgun.

"The suspect made the statement in his street jargon, 'We need to clap him out.' Certainly, that was meant for me. He referenced the chief because there's been what his group would say is a disruption," Craig said.

That disruption has come in the form of numerous narcotics raids since Craig's arrival last July. The Chief says in addition to five large-scale raids, his department conducts on average 35 drug house raids a week.

"I will tell you that's having an impact on undermining these criminal organization's revenue streams,” he said. “So they're angry."

But anger is a two way street among those dealing drugs, and those fighting to remove them. Craig says the threat on his life reinforces the department's success, and it will only bolster his commitment to the city's public safety.

"We will not be deterred. I will not be deterred! Because the community and the police officers are counting on us," Craig said.

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