Detroit Police Department commander accused of assaulting mistress

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Action News has obtained an internal police report that outlines an assault and an affair between a top Detroit Police commander and a female officer.

The report alleges Commander James Moore assaulted Officer Deloma Stone on August 1 after going to dinner for her birthday. Stone's 10-year-old son called police saying "Commander James Moore beat up my momma," according to the police report written by the sergeant investigating the case.

The report says on the way home from dinner, they stopped at a party store at 8 Mile and Hubble. Officer Stone went inside and was apparently in there too long for Moore's liking. He went in and said, "what the f--- is going on?"

When Stone when back to his car with him, the report says he punched her on the left side of her chin, grabbed her by the hair and forced her face into the passenger side window.

They went to Stone's house just a few blocks away and Moore left.

The investigating sergeant says the 10-year-old talked to him on the front porch and repeated, "Commander James Moore hit my momma."

The sergeant talked with Officer Stone who confirmed the story that Moore began a "profanity-laced tirade: and punched her. She said she and Commander Moore are in a "dating relationship" according to the police report.

The Wayne County Prosecutor was given a report, but originally declined to issue charges because of insufficient evidence. Officer Stone and her son refused to cooperate. However, the liquor store has surveillance video that was obtained by police but not turned over to the prosecutor. They want to see it.

A spokesperson for DPD says the Internal Affairs investigation is complete and found the assault allegation was not substantiated. But it is not known if that's for the same reasons, lack of cooperation and no surveillance video.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said on Monday he is aware of the case and will be taking action. He is also working on a new police to prevent supervising officers from dating officers under their command.

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