Detroit police precincts in need of repair

(WXYZ) DETROIT - At the Detroit Police Department's 9th precinct on Gratiot Avenue, the long time neglect is evident before you even step inside.

You can't miss the exposed boards, crumbling brick and cracked sidewalks.  Things aren't much better inside.  A sign near the drinking fountain sums things up:

"Don't drink the water.  Bad water quality."

"This building didn't get like this overnight, it's going to take a little time for us to bring it back up to code." said DPD Capt. Eric Ewing.  "The Chief understands the issues with the precinct, and he understands concerns of the officers and he has given us a mandate to make sure we take care of it."

There is a lot to take care of.  Because of Detroit's financial situation the last several years, many of the police department's have fallen into a state of disrepair.  Like at the 11th precinct, where we found water dripping from the ceiling.  But, we're told, these problems are no longer being ignored.

"We are going to make this a state of the art precinct." said Capt. Harold Rochon. 

A crew has already been to the 11th precinct to pinpoint where the leak is coming from so repairs can get underway.  A painter is giving the place a fresh coat of a paint. 

A clean, safe work environment is what the officers deserve and the new administration is pledging it's what the officers will get.

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