Detroit Police launch Operation March Madness to restore order in the city

(WXYZ) - Police surrounded a home on the city's east side. Neighbors looked on as cops knocked out searches and arrests.

Inside one house, there were malnourished puppies found starving. In the next room, cocaine was discovered inside a baby's shoe.

"I guess they didn't realize spring cleaning was today" says Detroit Police Chief James Craig. He adds "people in the neighborhood are talking and so are the criminals. They can't just run their flagrant businesses like they have in the past."

The Detroit Police Department carried out Operation March Madness, an initiation to help reduce crime in the city on Tuesday.

DPD along with state and federal partners conducted a narcotics blitz and warrant sweep within specific areas of the city. Police say locations known to participate in narcotic sales along with troublesome gas stations and party stores were also targeted. 

The goal of the operation was to arrest people with outstanding felony warrants and also inspect the homes of parolees. 

Police say this operation is part of the department's "relentless pursuit to rid our streets of its criminal element and drive our city into prosperity."

On a night when more than 200 cops carried out the operation across the city, 7 Action News got an up close look at DPD's finest.

Like Sgt. Mike Woody who knows how dangerous this work can be, but also believes police work like this is making a difference in Detroit.

He says "everything we do is done in the name of our citizens, so we are actually representing our citizens right now."

The raids produced 29 arrests on felony charges, 3 arrests on misdemeanor charges, 29 pounds of marijuana, 41 pills, 16 guns and $5,500. 

Chief Craig says that residents can expect to see more of these operation in the weeks to come.

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