Detroit police officer involved in 4-car accident

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It’s the second accident involving a Detroit police cruiser in only a matter of days.

This most recent accident happened Thursday morning just feet from the doors of DPD’s Central Precinct at the corner of East Grand Boulevard and Woodward.

Chaye Smith was on her way home after dropping her husband off at work. “I’m just glad my kids were not with me,” Smith says.

They were at home waiting for her. Her next errand, running them to school.

She was part of a 4-car smash-up. While she doesn’t remember much, she does know she was hit twice. “I was hit from behind and from the front,” Smith said.

She was nervous. Her hand numb from the force of the accident. Her car was the last car to be involved. From the force of being hit, she slammed into this Detroit police cruiser. She and the officer both walked way not seriously injured.

Officer Adam Madera is a spokesman with the Detroit Police Department. He says while a police cruiser was involved this doesn’t appear to be the officer’s fault. “It doesn’t seem criminal at all. It was an accident. It’s one of those things,” Madera said. “Somebody disregarded a light and that set off a chain of motions, set of actions that resulted in it.”

Chaye say this could’ve been much worse. Her kids could’ve been with her, “I’m just glad my kids were not with me and I’m fine. I’m just happy I’m fine,” she said.

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